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Kayako Modules

Kayako modulesKayako modules

Although we specialize in Kayako custom development, we also release out-of-the-box solutions to extend Kayako's functionality and help you increase your customer's satisfaction.

Our module list is constantly being added to, so be sure to stop by here every now and again and look through our brand-new Kayako modules we have to offer to you.

  • Comfy Attachments

    This module will allow for increased efficiency and comfort while working in your Kayako helpdesk. With it, you can preview images attached to a ticket by simply hovering over the file names. Also, when inside a ticket, you will get an additional section...

  • Comfy Ticket View

    The module will modify the UI so that you can easily expand and collapse all the posts, giving you a better control of the information flow. With it your staff will spend less time processing the tickets, improving your overall customer service.

  • Custom Fields Audit Log

    This module will let you keep a log of custom field changes in the Auditlog tab every time when one or more custom fields are changed by a staff member via Staff Control Panel

  • Edit Custom Fields for Reply

    This module will let you edit Kayako Custom Fields right from the Ticket Reply tab which will improve overall usability and save some of your time.

  • Wallboard for Kayako

    This module allows business owners, managers and staff to have a visualized overview of realtime statistics and reports.

  • Multi Language Spellchecker

    This module will let you seamlessly spell-check more than 12 different languages right from Kayako's native WYSIWYG editor.

  • Additional Ticket Property

    This functionality enhance your Kayako by letting you create additional ticket properties from custom fields.

  • Notes for Ticket Post

    The module will let you add notes right to the posts of your choice in Kayako's Ticket View. Once installed, you'll be able to identify and resolve your customers' problems in a more convenient and easier way.

  • Shortcut Autologin

    This module will let you download an icon right to your Descktop for quick launch. Double-click your Kayako icon to automatically log into the Staff Control panel.

  • Shortcut Autologin for Users

    This module will let you generate an Kayako icon right to your Descktop for quick launch. Double-click the icon to automatically log into the User Support Center.

  • Autologin from Email

    This module will make sure your customers can jump straight into your Kayako support center as authorized users by just clicking on a link in the email.

  • Note Attachments

    Allow your support agents to attach files to Ticket and User Notes inside your Kayako with our module.

  • Mailparser Custom Fields

    This module automatically populates custom fields based on Kayako Mail Parser properties.

  • Kayako Magento Integration

    Synchronize your Magento store with Kayako! With this module you customers can send tickets to Kayako right from your shopping cart.

  • Comfy Reports

    This module lets you make custom reports with ease by filling out respective fields in the given form. When ready, your custom data sets can be exported into CSV and XLS formats.

  • Rich Text Editor for Kayako

    Missing rich text formatting in Kayako? Install our WISIWYG Editor module to create more user-friendly tickets the way you're used to doing in most text-processing applications.

  • Kayako Autologin

    Don't make your customers log into your Kayako separately from your web site with our Kayako Autologin module. With deep knowledge of Kayako API, we can develop Autologin solution for just about any system. So send us a request!

  • SugarCRM Integration

    This Module allows synchronizing new Contacts, Accounts and Cases from SugarCRM to Users, Organizations and Tickets in your Kayako

  • Multi SMTP Module

    With this module installed, you'll be able to use unique SMTP servers for each Email Queue to send emails when you reply to a ticket.

  • Ticket Routing

    Let your customers answer a set of questions when using your helpdesk to better route and prioritize your tickets.

  • Kayako to Jira Migration

    Now you can easily import your Kayako data into Jira Service Desk.

  • Ticket View Log

    This module will let you keep a log of ticket views in the Auditlog tab every time a ticket is viewed by a staff member. You will also get a nice overview of whoever logged the first and last ten ticket views.