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About Us

As our site's name suggests, we specialize in developing custom solutions for Kayako support suite. Our web engineers have been building, tweaking and fine-tuning various functionality features for Kayako for many years. We can say we know this help desk inside out and can implement just about any solution on top of it. So whatever idea/problem regarding Kayako you may ever have, we'll be happy to assist you in finding the best realization/solution for it. Just get in touch with us!

Knowing a good deal about customer care, we try to work as closely with our customers as possible. First, we make sure we understand your business requirements. Then we work out a solution to address your particular business case. After evaluating the project's scope of work, we let you know the time frames in which your project will be implemented. Once we take up your project, we also make sure you know what stage it is on throughout its lifecycle.


  • Anodin Alex

    Alex Anodin

    Alex is a professional project manager who manages development processes within our team. He is the one to talk to you first to understand your project as well as to make sure you stay satisfied with its implementation.
  • Dmitry Grankin

    PHP Developer, Dmitry is a senior software engineer who knows Kayako like the back of his hand. He has over 5 years' experience working with Kayako and a vast expertise as an architecture designer and system integrator.
  • udachenko

    Pavel Udachenko

    With a very strong technical background, Pavel is the powerhouse of our development team. He thrives on complex tasks and always wants to optimize and automate just about anything.
  • Anna

    Anna Belova

    Anna is committed to making this world a more aesthetically pleasing place. She is a talented web designer who always keeps an eye on the latest trends in the field.